Triceps dips can also be performed using parallel dip bars, which are found in most gyms. Dip bars are sturdy, metal racks that support your body while you extend your arms and raise yourself until your feet are not touching the ground. The objective when using triceps dip bars is to lower and elevate your body without allowing your feet to reach the ground. This places the strong, opposing force of gravity in direct competition with your triceps muscles. As you advance, you can attach ankle weights or hold a small dumbbell with your feet as you raise and lower your body.


  •  More advanced exercisers may want to take the bench or chair out of the equation entirely. Triceps dips can be performed on parallel bars at your gym or even on a playground.
  • You hold your entire body weight up with your arms extended and feet hovering over the floor, ankles crossed. Lower your body until your elbows reach a 90-degree angle before returning to your starting position.