Two of these muscles, the triceps brachii and anconeus, are positioned on the back of your upper arm. These muscles are attached to the ulna bone of your forearm and pull your arm straight if it is bent. This motion, called elbow extension, is what occurs when triceps pushdowns are performed correctly.


  • Brace the abdominals. Grab the hand attachments in an overhand grip about shoulder-width apart, with elbows locked and arms straight. Keep your knees soft rather than locked.
  • Breathe out while pulling the cable down to your thighs in a smooth, controlled motion, arms remaining straight, hips bending slightly forward while keeping the back straight. If you do this exercise properly, you will find that your abdominal muscle will work hard and your arms and back will also get some work.
  • Pause when the hand grips are at thigh level.
  • Inhale while allowing the weights to return up to full arm extension above your head. End in a position where there is still tension on the cable before doing the next repetition.
  • Do three sets of 10 to 12 exercises.